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What to do if you hate your new job

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You worked with a great recruiter, went through the interviewing process with flying colors and your first week is finally here, but something’s not right. Maybe it’s not what you thought it was going to be or there was a change that put you on edge. Whatever the reason, stop and take a deep breath and don’t run out the door quite yet.


Your first day, week or even month at any new job can be uncomfortable. You’re still trying to learn everything, including everyone’s name. In the midst of over-stressing about if you made the right choice, you could end up making a regrettable decision. So before you run off, try a few strategies first.


1. Figure out what the issue is
Try your best to sit down at home and really think about what the issue is. Grab a pen and paper to jot things down in order to get a better understanding of the big picture. What is it that you hate about the new job? Is there a chance that because everything is so new that you don’t feel confident? Sometimes we need to give “new” a little more time. When you feel uncomfortable it can translate to you feeling like you are failing.


On the other hand, maybe your fears are completely valid. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding of the work itself. And in some cases you may notice right away that this place just isn’t a cultural fit for you. But to be fair, you also need to think about or jot down what is working.


While things might not be your idea of perfect, you may find a few positives. Maybe it’s a great company and your future there will open you up to some great opportunities. Maybe you will meet coworkers you can learn from and will help bring you to that next level in your career.


After going through what is and isn’t working, consider the idea of trying your best to get through the first couple months where you feel a bit uncomfortable. It might just be new job jitters and pay of in the end if you stay.


2. Talk to your recruiter
Regardless if you want to give it a little more time or you know that it just isn’t a good fit, the first thing you should do is talk with your recruiter. You may think a recruiter is there only during the interviewing process, but that’s far from the truth. You can always call your recruiter and just explain what’s bothering you. They can help you sort through the situation and make the best choice for your career if you are open to communicating with them.


3. Set up a meeting with management

If a company hired you it’s because they believe you have what it takes to add to the company’s success. No company wants to go through the recruitment process only to end up hiring the wrong candidate and have to start over in a month. As a new employee this is the best time to voice any concerns you have. There may be a solution to what’s bothering you. If you don’t communicate with your manager, they have no way of knowing you are unhappy. Be honest and open to a discussion.


In the end you need to make the right choice to benefit your career, but just remember that change is never usually a comfortable feeling. Sometimes we just need to give things a little more time and always be open to communicate with those who can help us. Both your recruiter and your new company want you to succeed, so if there is an issue, be honest and willing to have what may seem like a difficult talk.