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Part 1: How to Acquire Top Talent

In the electrical industry, technology is playing a huge role in the lack of qualified talent.  Smart controls, IoT / IIoT influences, distributed energy, DER, DERM, blockchains, microgrids, wind, solar, storage…this ‘stuff’ is no longer ‘coming’…it’s here. Savvy and qualified talent is a must. The opportunity for attracting proven talent is limited.

We, recruiters, consistently advise candidates that cash compensation should not be the primary reason to consider change. It’s easy for candidates to misconstrue a ‘candidate driven market’ for what free agency has become in pro sports. Professional development and growth, company culture, new challenges, greater opportunity, the result of a role being made redundant, restructuring or an organization closing are reasons for considering and/or making a move.

To land the ‘best’ and most qualified talent, clients will need to rely on professional recruiters specialized in their industry now more than ever.  While job seekers look at company career pages, job boards and social media postings, they aren’t necessarily the ‘best’ talent. Most of the quality talent in the industry are passive candidates.  As a professional recruiter, we take time with each hiring manager to thoroughly understand the specifications of the role and responsibilities.  We understand what will be required to achieve success…not just the bullet points on a job description.  We take time to know and understand our client companies…their products, growth, market share, vision and what makes their organization appealing from a cultural perspective.  We then leverage the breadth of our industry connections and begin recruiting the ‘best’ candidates.  Passive candidates. The clear majority of the candidates I speak with didn’t wake up that morning looking to make a career move.  Those candidates are then qualified through a proven and rigorous process both on professional and cultural fit for the role and organization.

Rob Wieska is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Power Distribution and Building Automation in addition to general Electrical Product Manufacturing. To learn more about how he can help your company identify and attract talent send him an email at