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Part 2: Retaining Candidates and New Employees

I present hiring managers with 3 – 5 of the best candidates. Presented candidates were selected from a few hundred potential fits. It’s critical to move forward quickly with the interview process. If the process begins with a phone interview, schedule them within the week.  Offer clear and detailed feedback to your recruiter on what went well and what didn’t. Remember, these are recruited candidates, not applicants.  They’ve made the decision to invest in your organization.  They deserve strong feedback.  For those that you elect to move forward with, schedule face-to-face interviews quickly. Bring the candidate(s) in and SELL your organization. Strive to inspire the candidate during the interview process.  The best candidates are vetting you as much as you’re vetting them. Again, these are recruited candidates, not applicants. In today’s market, strong candidates have multiple choices and will ultimately choose which organization is the best fit for them.

When you’re found your guy or gal…make a good, appealing offer, without delay. Recognize the candidate’s value and be prepared to make them an offer reflecting that. The days of making an offer for less than or equal to a 3% merit raise are in the rear-view mirror.

Great…you’ve landed the ideal employee…well done! They’ve accepted your offer; a start date has been agreed to. Engage your new employee regularly from the time the offer was accepted to their start date; send them welcoming emails from management, as well as their team peers.  Set them up with company swag…c’mon, who doesn’t love a new travel mug with their new company’s logo? Send them business cards, set up their office/desk, establish their new company email and start including them in relevant communication.

There’s no doubt that a high demand exists for very specific, technical skills in the electrical industry today.  It’s not only in engineering roles…these skills are also required in sales, operations and marketing positions.  Talent is more selective in the roles and offers they will consider.  Clients need to focus on organization, culture, improved speed of the hiring process, and yes…competitive compensation and benefits. If you’re committed to all of the above, the talent that you’re seeking is out there and ready to make a move to your organization!

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Rob Wieska is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Power Distribution and Building Automation in addition to general Electrical Product Manufacturing. To learn more about how he can help your company identify and attract talent, send him an email at