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It’s Okay to Feel Burnout

Candidate Advice

It’s easy to feel some level of professional burnout.  It’s not only easy, it’s okay.   A lot has happened in the past 2 plus years.  We felt the effects of the pandemic.  While trade shows and travel have resumed, many pre-pandemic “normalcies” in the workplace have not.  Perhaps you’re feeling stress coming from a heavier workload, struggle with work-life balance, or anxiety over a potential headcount reduction.  Your company may be involved in a merger or acquisition that is creating stress.  There’s a lot of factors.

Maybe you’re just simply feeling unmotivated in your current role.

Take a moment and think back about what initially got you excited about accepting a role in your company.  Do a deep dive on this.  It doesn’t matter if it is the position you’re currently in, or an earlier role that you’ve been promoted from or transitioned out of.  Was it exciting work or projects, a new and innovative technology, opportunity for growth, exceptional co-workers, the chance to help others externally or to coach and mentor your own team members? What excited you?  What sparked your passion?  Think of what your goals and aspirations were on that day you said, “yes” to accepting your employment offer.  If you’ve not met those goals, or on a path to realize them, hit reset.  Deconstruct your path and determine the “why”.  Then simply adjust and reset.  But focus heavily on the motivator that was the foundation of your initial excitement.  Whether what is causing you to feel burnout is real or perceived, getting back to what got you genuinely excited about your career in the first place can be the spark to overcome self-doubt, loss of motivation or not feeling a sense of accomplishment.  I promise that you’re that same mega-talented person you were years ago.  Likely even better as you’ve grown your skills over time.  Go make friends again with what initially had you so electrified (no pun intended to reflect our industry) on day one of your job and let that be your new driver moving forward.  Make a checklist.  Write down what had you excited to begin your journey and then cross off each item.  I bet you checked many of the boxes, didn’t you?  While you may “feel” some level of burnout, you’ve done a great job!  Use those precise takeaways to start fresh.  Begin tomorrow morning with that exact same fervor as you had on day one and get right back at it!   With your new sense of excitement and passion behind the “why” in what you do professionally each and every day, there’s nothing that can stop you from exceeding your goals.  In doing so, you’ll be pleased with how quickly your sense of burnout fades away.