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Do you know what you’re looking for?

Hiring Advice

If you are looking for the perfect candidate, that person does not exist; but you may need help finding industry professionals. As recruiters, we talk to industry people every day, we know what candidates are looking for, from salary to culture to growth potential.

To determine if you have unrealistic expectations, start asking yourself these questions:

● Why is this position so difficult to fill?

● Why did the previous employee leave?

● Is your salary range in line with your specific industry for that location?

● Is the education requirement necessary for competency in this role?

● Is it necessary for the candidate to be in the office, or could they work from a home office? If they must be in the office is your relocation package sufficient to move someone?

● Is it necessary they have the exact previous experience?

Hiring for a single position shouldn’t be a full-time job. Find a fresh set of eyes, call a professional recruiter in your industry. An industry specific recruiter will tell you what the employee market is like, what the current salaries are in each region, what requirements may not be realistic for the role you’re looking to fill, etc.

We at Egret Consulting work in the electrical industry and we understand everything from Lighting, Wire & Cable, Tools, Power Distribution and Electrical Wholesale distribution and even the independent manufacturer sales rep channel. Give us a call, we can help you find qualified candidates.

Pati Kelly is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Wire and Cable. To learn more about how she can help your company identify and attract talent, check out her LinkedIn profile or send her an email at