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How much does the job pay?


As recruiters we’re always asked “How much does the job pay?”. Which of course is a great question! It would be even better if we could answer it for you, but majority of the time, they just don’t give us that information. We have a lot of companies who come to us and say go find us this person, with this skill set, and we will make the money right.   But, as a potential employee, there are ways if you do some research, to get an idea of what the pay might be or show that you’re worth what you’re asking.

  • Do some research. What is the standard rate for your current position? Review the salary range on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • Write down your accomplishments. Keep a list of your personal and professional accomplishments. Write down the specifics, you either make the company money or you save the company money. Have the specific outcome and quantify it. List that on your resume.
  • Act and dress for the job you want. I know that “Dress for Success” is an old cliché’ but it helps people see you in that next role.
  • Let your recruiter know exactly what you are making. It helps for us to know where you are, we want to help you move to the next level and salary is a part of that. If you are too expensive for a company, why waste time interviewing if they can’t afford you.

Make this year the year you move to the next level and make it prosperous!