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What is going on with the future of employees? 

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The future of employees is a topic that I have lots of interest and speculation in, which has been driven by advancements in technology, economic conditions and social and cultural expectations.   As we look forward to some key trends to shape the future landscape. 

  • Technology

Automation and AI are set to help revolutionize manufacturing and many other industries.   We are seeing an influx of robotics helping us to focus on repetitive tasks or mundane  tasks.  This is seen with robotics in the warehouse managing the picking product to twisting and tying wire strands together.   This addition of automation into the factories allows for employees to concentrate on more complex problems and solutions.  These robotics will need programmers, maintenance technicians and even developers of the robots themselves. 

Remote work and Digital Nomadism

Since the Covid pandemic there has been a surge of adoption of remote work.  Many companies are having to offer hybrid models to attract better candidates.  

  • Changing Workforce Demographics

Multigenerational Workforce are become much more prevalent now than in the past.  Companies must foster a better inclusive culture that leverages all the age groups

Rise of Gig Economy

More people are opting for freelance, contract, and part-time work instead of traditional roles. This shift offers greater flexibility but also raises concerns about job security, benefits and workers’ rights. Companies must adapt their HR policies to attract these workers.

  • Skills and Education

Lifelong Learning

The pace of technology changes means that every employee must continue to learn.  Employers should invest more in training programs and partnerships with educational institutions to ensure their workforce remains competitive.

Emphasis on soft skills

While technical skills are valuable, the growing need for soft skills are becoming increasingly important. These skills include communication, problem solving and emotional intelligence.   This skills can’t be AI or automated and are critical for team building and leadership.  

While there are challenges ahead, there are opportunities for growth, innovation,  and improving work experiences.  In the wire & cable industry we must embrace these things and figure out how we move forward together.   The recent agreement signed at the NAED between the four major supply chain associations to help create collective effort to develop the industry in the future was very significant.   To have NAED, NEMA, NECA, NEMRA all sign an agreement with at least one objective together – Attract, develop, and retain people to support and sustain the electrical industry is historic and impressive.   We shall see how this will be done; I will keep you posted…

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