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Where do missed opportunities go?


Opportunities don’t go away, they just go to someone else. I talk to countless people and 99% of them tell me no and that’s okay, I’m driven to that 1% who say ‘maybe’. If you’re reading this, we’ve likely crossed paths in my efforts to find talent in the industry, you may have said no to me 100 times before, but I’ll keep swinging!

Children grow up, companies are bought and sold and your favorite boss will indeed, one day retire. That being said, changes happen quickly in our industry, and those with the best connections have the most opportunity. It always makes sense to take a call from someone like me (not every recruiter out there, you’re likely not going to go into pharmaceutical sales even if the money’s better). The positions I recruit on are almost always confidential and the only way you’ll ever know about the position that could take you from a branch manager to an equity partner or a President is by establishing a relationship with a great recruiter. It’s also the very best way to leverage your financial package for the better. Times, they are-a-changing and it’s probably a good time that we know each other!